Use HTML PDF API from Ruby

You can use our Ruby's gem hpa-ruby to send data to HTML PDF API service, but you can also use any gem from rubygems.org, that allows you to send an HTTP POST request. In this post we'll use rest-client Ruby's gem to send data to HTML PDF API. 


Use HTML PDF API from Java

We could use URLConnection to send data to our service, but why reinvent the wheel when you can rely on the already proven experience of others. In this post we'll use The Apache HttpComponents™ to send data to HTML PDF API.


Using css page breaks when converting HTML to PDF

Similarly like in word editors there are also page breaks in CSS that allows you to break your content across pages. With these properties you can control page breaks when printing and converting to PDF.


Use cURL from PHP

The good news is that you can easily use cURL with our HTML PDF API service. But what is cURL and how can you use it? If you ask yourself these questions you're on right place at the right time. Let's get started.


Securely generate PDF documents with confidential data

Let’s talk about security. Sometimes you will need to generate PDF from a highly classified documents and send them securely to the HTML PDF API service. There are a few techniques you can use depending on the level of security you want to achieve.


Export Google Map to PDF

You can easily add google maps in your HTML to PDF exports by using Google Static Maps API and create rich and beautiful reports.