HTML PDF API is a cloud service that allows you to convert HTML to PDF using standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

You can convert HTML to PDF from a raw HTML, compressed file (zip, tar.gz, tgz, tar.bz2) containing all resources (html, images, stylesheets, javascripts and fonts) and from URL.

API is built on the REST concept so it is language agnostic. It can be easily integrated with any programming language that supports HTTP requests.

It uses wkhtmltopdf library for the conversion process. wkhtmltopdf is based on the WebKit browser engine similar to Chrome, Safari and several others. WebKit has been developed by Apple, KDE, Nokia, Google, RIM, Palm, Samsung and others.

Why should I use it?

You need a solid solution for converting HTML to PDF which is:

  • is easy to integrate - get started in just few minutes
  • is scalable - generate multiple PDFs simultaneously
  • affordable - create your own custom plans most suitable for your current needs
  • good support - either with API or with CSS and HTML code

You do not need to:

  • set up servers and libraries for converting HTML to PDF and manage it on your own
  • pay for expensive licenses
  • overload your processor and memory resources

HTML to PDF engine features

  • support for CSS2 (full) / CSS3 (partial) and Javascript
  • SVG support for charts and graphics
  • support for custom fonts: otf, ttf and woff
  • Base64 support for images and fonts
  • font kerning - font in your PDF will have a perfect letter spacing
  • custom headers and footers - with special variables for numbering
  • custom margins and page sizes
  • and a lot of other options for configuration

HTML to PDF service features

  • credits rollover - each purchase extends the validity of all your credits by another 90 days
  • API is secured with SSL certificate and all of the data for PDF is automatically deleted after 5 minutes
  • remote assets - permanently upload your frequently used files like your logo, font or a high quality image
  • custom plans - create your own plan and choose between one-time or subscriptions payments
  • detailed analytics and reports - plan your business more efficiently
  • transparent billing and credits overview
  • clean and intuitive user interface

HTML to PDF API most common usage

Convert data from your application to a beautifully designed and print ready:

  • proposal
  • invoice
  • timesheet
  • report with charts
  • accreditation
  • entry form
  • contract